A Closer Look at Toyota 3rd Gen 4Runner Bumpers

A Closer Look at Toyota 3rd Gen 4Runner Bumpers - True North Fabrications

What is "The Call of the Wild?" It's a book by Jack London, but for owners of the 3rd gen 4runner, it's the passion to go off-roading. The 3rd generation has a reputation as the official off-road 4runner.

Many owners call it the best design for off-roading. They are constantly looking for the best upgrades for their vehicles.

So what are the best 3rd gen 4runner bumpers for off-roading? 

Our passion for the 3rd gen 4runner shows in the details of our designs. We took our time to make sure we made the best fitting bumpers in the industry. Read on and find out about our passionate designs to complement your adventures.


Our focus on creating the best bumpers drove us to go beyond regular measurements. We had the front of the Toyota 4runner SUV completely laser-scanned! 

This opened up our ability to model all of our bumper designs inside our cad programs. We were able to create a virtual copy of the truck that was accurate to within .005 inches.


We also took some time to face the realities of creating 3rd gen 4runner accessories. These bumpers are mounted on vehicles that are around 20 years old. 

This means that many of the front ends may have received some damage and are repaired. This is especially true for the 3rd gen because of its off-road popularity (plus, we've seen how some of you drive!).

To give you the best fit we created all the mounting points to be slightly oversized. This will give you some adjustability when mounting your bumpers. You can use washers as shims to make the perfect fit. 


As with any 3rd gen 4runner upgrades, there will be some modification required to fit the bumpers. Most of our bumpers will require you to trim two inches off the front of the frame rails of your 4runner.

The integrity of the frame is not affected by this trimming. After your cut, clean and coat the cut with spray paint to stop any rust issues from forming.

Our bumper kits come with laser cut and press bent parts. They come slotted with tabbed edges which means less welding and grinding for you.

The built-in tabs help you line up the pieces without having to measure them all the time. You can even tack it together before putting it onto the 4runner.

Our Collection of 3rd Gen 4runner Bumpers

We have painstakingly designed many different styles of bumpers for the 4runner. Each one has special features that will line up with your specific customization needs.

Alpha Bumper 

This welded bumper ships in multiple pieces and you weld it yourself. This bumper is not designed to hold a winch. There isn't any room or mounting points for a winch in the bumper.

This is a tight-fitting front end so headlight hoops cannot be mounted without hitting the fenders. Grille guard tubing won't be pre-coped and will be a little oversized. This gives you more customization options for your vehicle.

This bumper won't work with body lifts, but we hope to have versions for body lifts in the future. The bumper weighs roughly 80lbs without the lights. If you add grill guard tubing, the weight will be higher.

Closed Wing Hybrid Bumper

This welded bumper fits stock height vehicles and suspension-lifted vehicles. It is designed to fit around a warn m8000 winch that has a 10" x 4.5" mounting pattern. Winches of similar size and patterns should fit also.

This bumper will add around 85lbs to your vehicle not counting any grill guard tubing. 

Open Wing Hybrid Bumper

The open wing hybrid is a welded bumper for suspension lifted and stock height vehicles. This new design boasts more strength while being lighter than previous designs.

This design incorporates 7 gauge HRPO steel for many of the main components. 11 gauge HRPO steel is also used for the sheet metal parts. Plus, we love the approach angle and consider it one of our best designs!

The open wing adds roughly 80lbs of overall weight to your 4runner and is designed to work with a warn m8000 sized winch. 

Armor Package

Our first armor package brings amazing upgrades to your 4runner. It has front and rear bumper designs. It also gives options for sliders, swingouts, grille guards, and bumper styles.

The armor package is for stock height and suspension lifted vehicles and works with a warn m8000 sized winch also. The package will also add a total of 90lbs of weight to your vehicle. 

Prerunner Bumper

This bumper offers broad protection for the front of a 4runner without a winch. It is made with heavy grade 11 gauge stainless steel throughout. The whole skid plate is 11 gauge stainless so no painting is required!

The design is for stock height and suspension lifted vehicles and adds 55lbs of weight.

Rear Plate Bumper

This welded rear bumper is designed for off-road use only. This means there is no tow capacity rating and is not designed for street towing. It works with stock height and suspension lifted vehicles.

It also works with 1/2", 1", 1.5", and 2" body lifts! The recommended maximum tire size is 35". You will also need to relocate the license plate.

Plate Bumper

The strong 4runner plate bumper is a welded bumper for the stock height and suspension lifted vehicles. It adds 90lbs of weight and also works with a winch the size of the warn m8000. 

Choose Your Adventure Upgrade

Toyota cars are well crafted but aren't designed for the off-road. The 4runner was designed for the off-road. Many owners of the 3rd gen 4runner are as passionate about their adventures as Toyota is about their vehicles.

Our 3rd gen 4runner bumpers are painstakingly designed to give you upgrades that are functional and good-looking. Contact us about upgrading your next off-road adventure.