How to Choose the Right Toyota Tacoma Bumper

How to Choose the Right Toyota Tacoma Bumper - True North Fabrications

It's no secret that Toyota Tacomas and 4Runners can take a beating. Their heavy-duty construction provides greater protection when off-roading. One simple way to increase your truck's durability even further is to add a bumper.

Since their start in the late 1800s, bumpers have evolved into an essential accessory for off-roading. When riding along uneven or treacherous terrain, you need a tool that helps prevent damage to your vehicle. 

If you're not sure how to choose the right Toyota Tacoma bumper for you, you've come to the right place. This guide explores the best options for Toyota off-road bumpers, as well as 3rd generation 4Runner bumpers.

Benefits of a Bumper

Bumpers provide protection against rocks and animals. They also help absorb impact and offer greater tire clearance. 

How to Choose the Right Toyota Tacoma Bumper for You

This guide breaks down how to differentiate between aftermarket bumpers for your Toyota Tacoma. Aftermarket bumpers are car parts that are made by a company other than your vehicle's original manufacturer.

When searching for the best Toyota off-road bumpers, an aftermarket bumper is a good option. Why? Aftermarket bumpers can potentially mold to your car versus one sold directly from the vehicle's manufacturer.

This means the same bumper used for a Toyota Tacoma could be used for a 3rd generation 4Runner bumper, as long as it comes with a DIY kit.

Also, keep in mind that a higher clearance bumper is ideal for those who off-road on a regular basis.  


Whether you're looking for the best Ford Bronco bumper, high clearance off-road Toyota bumper, or 4runner bumper, it's best to first consider your bumper's purpose.

Do you want to add a bumper for cosmetic reasons (i.e., it makes your car look cool), or are you looking for protection?

Also consider what type of animals you expect to come across when off-roading, as well as bumper materials. The material the bumper is made of affects key aspects of your vehicle like suspension, gas efficiency, and engine output. 


Do you want to weld the bumper yourself or do you want it to come already welded together? An advantage to purchasing a DIY kit bumper is customization.

In some cases, a kit designed for a Toyota 4Runner can also be used for a Toyota Tacoma since you complete the assembly yourself. This allows you to mold the bumper to your car, but it also requires more work on your part.


While bumpers make a great vehicle accessory for off-roading, they can range in price.

To that end, it's best to consider your personal budget. A bumper that comes as a DIY kit is typically less expensive than if it comes already welded together.

Some Toyota owners might prefer paying more for the convenience that comes with purchasing a welded bumper. But if you're pretty handy and don't mind putting a little work in, then the money you save on a DIY bumper might be worth it.


Also, be sure to decide where you want your bumper to go. Bumpers can be placed on the front or rear of your vehicle, depending on the purpose and appearance you're seeking.

Types of Toyota Tacoma Bumpers

Below is a breakdown of different types of Toyota off-road bumpers.

Alpha bumper

An alpha bumper provides higher clearance for your vehicle. This is ideal for off-roading because it prevents the car from scraping against objects.

It also helps your Toyota Tacoma from absorbing road shocks by giving it more room.

Plate Bumper

Plate bumpers tend to be the heaviest type, but they are also very durable.

Hybrid bumper

If you want the best of both, a hybrid bumper combines two off-road bumper styles into one. This type is strong and durable, but also relatively lightweight.

Hybrid bumpers also offer a great approach angle. This is helpful when scaling steeper surfaces.

Other Toyota Bumpers

Toyota Tacomas aren't the only cars suited for off-roading. Keep reading for a quick breakdown of other Toyota vehicles made for off-roading, and the types of bumpers to look for.

3rd Generation 4Runner Bumpers 

Toyota 4runners are a great choice if you're off-roading. And the 3rd generation is known for its more nimble qualities. 

Its wheelbase is slightly shorter than the 4th generation 4Runner, which makes it better for climbing steep, rocky surfaces.

Another popular bumper type for off-roading, 3rd generation 4Runner bumpers can come in what's called closed wing and open wing. Both work well for off-roading, so it really comes down to which aesthetic design you prefer.

4th Generation 4Runner Bumpers 

Known for its stable handling and comfortable ride, 4th generation 4Runners are popular for off-roading activities. The 4th generation is also a bit larger and more powerful than the 3rd generation 4runner.

If you own a 4th generation 4Runner or FJ Cruiser, know that hybrid bumpers are a popular choice for off-roading. You can buy these already welded or as a DIY kit. 

Add a Bumper to Your Toyota Tacoma Today!

Hopefully, now you know how to choose the right Toyota Tacoma bumper for you. Whether you have a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd generation Toyota Tacoma, or a 3rd or 4th generation 4Runner, a bumper can elevate your off-roading experience.

Be sure to consider your purpose and budget when selecting the best Toyota Tacoma bumper type. 

No matter which Toyota model you have though, True North Fabrications can outfit your car with the right bumper. Shop True North Fabrications' DIY and welded bumper designs today for the best off-roading experience.

Happy off-roading!