Should You Get Offroad Bumpers for Your Next Trip?

Should You Get Offroad Bumpers for Your Next Trip? - True North Fabrications

Are you thinking about taking your vehicle offroad?

Have you been looking into off-road bumpers so you can take your vehicle into the wild?

Many drivers are now considering equipping their vehicles with Toyota offroad bumpers. Adding a bumper helps you take your driving machine to the next level. You'll be able to get out on the trails with far less fear of destroying your Toyota's front end.

In this article, we will walk you through everything you need to know to decide if off-road bumpers are right for your Toyota. Read on and will discuss the pros and cons of this upgrade.

Why Take Your Toyota Offroad

There's no doubt about it. Toyota makes several exceptional off-road vehicles. For those who are starting to get into the sport, a Toyota is a popular and valid choice.

You will find an array of vehicles in their lineup set up for off-road adventuring. It's not uncommon to see "Toyota" spelled out on high clearance off-road Toyota bumpers or third-gen 4runner bumpers.

Taking a Toyota off-road feels like fulfilling the car's destiny. Digital Trends recently rated the Toyota 4Runner as the overall most reliable off-road vehicle. As more and more people started to get into offloading during the COVID-19 pandemic, drivers realized that offroading was a safe way to enjoy the outdoors without breaking social distancing laws.

Many people who consider themselves nature enthusiasts purchase one of Toyota's off-road vehicles. These include the 4runner, Tundra, Tacoma, and FJ Cruiser.

Why Put a Bumper on Your Off-Road Vehicle?

There are a wide variety of reasons why drivers add a bumper to their car. Before going off-road, it is essential to make sure the car is spec'd appropriately for the train.

Here are just a few of the features of bumpers and how they benefit drivers during an off-road experience.


Adding a bumper to your front end makes your protection strength significantly higher. The bumper will be able to protect the grill of the vehicle during a front-end collision or during minor scrapes.

Offroading is a sport where the front end may graze or smash into the train in front of it when navigating a difficult or uneven trail. Having a bumper in place restores peace of mind during these active moments on the trail.

Typically, the Toyota off-road bumpers available are made with a lighter weight alloy and plastic to improve the overall fuel economy. The bumper is made from laser-cut steel that is welded together. The strength of this bumper allows for protection from rocks, brush, trees, stumps, and animal strikes.

Approach Angle

When you have maximal protection on the front end, you can take more liberties with your vehicle when the going gets tough out in the dirt. A steeper approach angle allows for your vehicle to still attack sharply inclined surfaces at speed. Bumpers allow you to pursue this angle uphill with more confidence and protection.


While many off-road Toyota vehicles do come with excellent lighting options, you can never have enough. Being able to tack on several extra lights to the front end of your vehicle helps to protect you in inclement weather. If you end up in a heavy snowstorm, thunderstorm, or sandstorm, the additional lighting makes all the difference in the world.


Winching with your off-road bumper allows you to pull yourself out of a deep hole or mud. It's possible to have the vehicle stuck in a streambed with eroded sand, and the installed winch on a bumper allows for easy access to get yourself out of the situation.

For those who don't know, a winch is a machine that is built from a rope, cable, or chain that spins around a drum rotates. You can use the power from your motor to pull the car up the line and out of danger.


Of course, many Toyota owners simply like the look of the bumper on the front or rear of the vehicle. It's true that many people who own highly aggressive and capable vehicles don't use their car like a truck or 4 x 4. Many people prefer the cosmetic appearance of adding a bumper to create a flashy statement.

You should be able to find an aftermarket bumper that matches the color of your vehicle, as a variety of color schemes are available.

Rear Bumpers

Typically a rear bumper will work in a more simplistic manner. Nonetheless, the purposes are generally the same. You're looking to protect the vehicle from hazards underneath the car and allow for additional attachment points for further utilities.

Usually, the rear bumper will be a more basic design compared to the front. There simply isn't quite as much need for rear protection unless you are a driver who plans on backing out of tight spaces frequently. For most drivers, a standard box design is sufficient.

Choosing Toyota Offroad Bumpers

At the end of the day, choosing an offroad bumper for your vehicle is a smart choice for anyone looking to take their car or truck out on the trails. There are a variety of Toyota offroad bumpers available in stock or aftermarket designs.

If you are interested in purchasing a top-of-the-line offroad front or rear bumper, look no further. At True North Fabrications, we offer the most feature-rich and well-equipped bumpers for all off-grid Toyotas in the standard lineup. Please contact us today if you are interested in outfitting your vehicle with one of our premier products.